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"So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked."
--Mark Twain
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Travel to India is a once in a lifetime experience. And while each experience is individual, it is amplified magnificently when guided and arranged by the people at Experience India who closely know this diverse and rich country, with its wonders, its culture, its people, and its arts and crafts. With loads of experience and expertise in handling individual travel for visitors to India, Experience India anticipates and accommodates travel requirements such as accommodation, ground transportation, flights, tour guides, sightseeing, activities and special interest excursions. Once again, the robust Experience India national network of offices, associates and partners ensures seamless travel. We know that every traveler looks at different aspects and travels for different reasons - romance, adventure, history, fun, curiosity, pure leisure, education, health and well being, and of course always for the joy of travel and discovery. Where in the world would you get the lifestyle of a Maharaja? The answer would surely be; "Only in India" - the land of Maharajas, that colorful breed to people who have left behind legends in their Palaces and in the folklore… So, if you are looking for something unique we at Experience India, compact and staffed by professionals, are in the best position to offer you what you are looking for...

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North India:
Opulent in every which way, North India is usually the entry point for a trip to India and has many must-see destinations - it is the India of every traveler's fantasy. A large and historically tumultuous region, it has always been a magnetic draw for travelers throughout its history, many of them invaders who brought with them cultures and customs that are still dazzlingly woven into the fabric of Indian life today.. The northern region is a magical canvas that encompasses the dramatic moonscapes of the far north in Ladakh - trekker's delight; the high Himalayas rolling down to the beautiful forests of Srinagar in Kashmir, and into the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal; the lush, fertile and seemingly unending Indo-Gangetic plains etched and fed by some of the world's largest rivers, most starting at the glaciers and Himalayan heights and then spreading down to the beautiful and romantically rugged desert landscapes of Rajasthan.

South India:
South India has traditionally been labelled as all the land that lay south of the Vindhya mountain range. While geographically accurate, to most Indians, it generally refers to the four southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. South India is different in texture, in its taste, sounds, smells and colours. Everything is richer and yet more simple, if you can grasp that essential Indian paradox. It is traditional and seeped in a quiet Dravidian heritage and culture that has remained remarkably unaffected despite a very ancient trade through its splendid seaports, and contact with foreign people and cultures - the Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans and Chinese. You cannot but help appreciate the simple integrity yet extraordinary richness of the region, with its changing landscape of the high Deccan Plateau, the rugged but forested hills and coastal Ghats, the lush green fields of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the surreal beauty of the Kerala backwaters, the long stretches of beach stepping out of thick coconut palm and bamboo plantations. Serene, gentle and quite beautiful.

East India:
The East of India is as exotic and oriental to India itself, as India is to the world. Largely undiscovered by overseas travelers, mysterious to the rest of India, rich in a culture uniquely arresting and mystical in the wealth of forests and rivers and mountains - East India is a journey worth the wait. From the Himalayas to the Sunderban mangroves, this is a land of magical landscapes that continue through the length and breadth of the 'seven sisters', the seven states of the East East India is a treasure waiting to be discovered. From Mount Kanchenjunga to the Bengal Tiger, the toy train at Darjeeling, scones and tea at the plantations, rhododendron wines and wildlife sanctuaries, pagodas and monasteries, nature walks and trekking trails, raging rivers and overwhelming rainfall - this is a land for the lover of nature and a seeker of the soul.

West India:
Commercially the West of India includes some of the most progressive regions of the country, yet the coastal states of Gujarat and Maharashtra are steeped in the rich cultural traditions of the past. Goa, often referred to as the Ibiza of the East, is famous for its tourist-friendly outlook and the spectacular beaches, which attract hordes of visitors from every corner of the globe. Most visitors to India never forget their memories of Goa. Since the hippies discovered the tiny coastal state of Goa in the 60s, this beach haven has attracted tourists from all over the world. On one side there is the mesmerizing coastline, on the other the rolling hills. 'Susegad', loosely translated as 'take it easy', is what life in Goa is mostly about, and is quite distinct from the rest of India. So be prepared for song and dance and dreaming on the beach, for food and wine and a friendly people.
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